Return & Refund Policy

Thank you for being a loyal consumer of Doo Gro Hair Care products.

We strive to provide quality hair care and skin care products that meet your needs. In the rare instance that there is a quality issue or product defect please contact us.

All requests for product refunds must be received within 45 calendar days of purchase and must be accompanied by a valid store receipt/proof of purchase. Proof of purchase must include date of purchase, store name, store location, product purchased, and price. Altered, partial, or otherwise illegible receipts/proof of purchase will not be accepted. Shipping costs associated with purchase are non-refundable. In the event you are unable to provide valid receipt/proof of purchase, unused product may be returned in place of receipt/proof of purchase. In this instance, product return cost is the responsibility of the consumer.

To process a refund, there may be instances where a return of unused product is requested. We may also request photographs and documentation regarding any quality issue or product defect you may have experienced.

Cost of return shipping at the request of company will be the responsibility of company.

We will refund no more than two individual items at any time and no more than one of the same item. Multiple requests for refunds of the same item will not be processed. Request for refunds of more than two items will not be processed. Request for refunds of duplicate items will not be processed. Multiple requests of refunds from the same consumer may be denied.

While your satisfaction is our goal, we reserve the right to determine the most efficient way to process approved refunds.

Email or call (866) 496-3168 for any questions about refunds.