How often should I shampoo and condition my hair?

The frequency of shampooing and conditioning your hair will depend on several variables: hair style, scalp condition, hair treatments, as well as styling practices. Doo Gro® shampoos and conditioners are formulated to be safe for daily use, if desired. For best results, we recommend you shampoo and condition your hair with Doo Gro® products at least once a week to remove styling products, oils, and everyday dirt and grime.

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How quickly will I see results from using Doo Gro®?

Many people see a difference in the quality and texture of their hair in as little as the first or second use of the Doo Gro® products. Doo Gro® products are formulated to strengthen & condition hair. For most people, hair typically grows at a rate of ¼ to ½ inch per month. With regular use of Doo Gro® products you will see increased strength, allowing your hair to grow naturally because the Doo Gro® products will help reduce breakage and damage. Each month you protect the hair with these fortifying products, your normal styling routines will produce less damage.

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Is Doo Gro® safe to use on braided or weaved hair?

Absolutely. Doo Gro® helps to condition your hair as it grows. The Doo Gro® Growth Oils, Mega Thick Growth Serums, and Triple Strength Repair & Shine work exceptionally well on braids!

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Does Doo Gro® work well on locks?

The best product choice for dreadlocks would be any of the Doo Gro® oils. The oils are packaged with applicator tips for easy application.

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Does Doo Gro® work well with natural hair that is not relaxed?

Doo Gro® will work well on all hair types, relaxed and natural styles. All of the products work well on any African hair, and many can be used by any race or nationality. The shampoos and conditioners work well for everyone. The Vitalizers, Lotions, and Oils are oil based products and may leave a slightly greasy feel on straighter hair.

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Is Doo Gro® only for African American hair?

Doo Gro® works great on all textures and races of hair. The only recommendation is there are a few items which are more oil based and work best on African American hair and may be a bit greasy on other hair types. These items would be: Doo Gro® Hair Vitalizers, Growth Lotions, and Growth Oils (although these are greasy to a lesser extent). The shampoos, conditioners, and leave-ins work great on all hair types including: African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian (to name a few).

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Do I need to use all the Doo Gro® items to see results?

While we would be thrilled if you used all the Doo Gro® products, we realize it is also important to get familiar with the products and find the ones which best suit the specific needs of your hair. Here is what we recommend as a starting point with our products:

  • Shampoo: Your choice of either the Moisturizing Shampoo or the Mega Thick® Shampoo.
  • Hair Vitalizer: Your choice of one of the five different vitalizers. (Triple Strength® and Mega Thick® are the most popular.)
  • Doo Gro® Oil or Lotion: As a final step, use either one of these that suits your needs. We recommend the Hair Vitalizer to be used on roots and scalp, and the Oil or the Lotion on longer hair to help increase tensile strength and prevent breakage.

After you get comfortable using a few of the Doo Gro products, we are confident you will enjoy the entire product line.

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Does Doo Gro® help in reversing hair loss?

There are many causes of hair loss, some of which may be medically related, others which may be the result of styling practices, dryness, hair damage, or breakage. Doo Gro® products help mosturize, condition nad strengthen hair to reduce breakage. Extended wearing of tight braids and extensions may cause hair loss for some people. Changing your hair style may help to prevent any further damage or breakage while allowing the scalp to heal and hair to re-grow. You may also want to avoid chemical treatments such as relaxers and colors and excessively hot irons and combs which may also contribute to hair damage. Unfortunately, this does not cover all types of hair loss. We encourage you to consult with your doctor to discuss the possibility of any underlying medical conditions that may be causing hair loss.

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What is the shelf life of Doo Gro products? Will the products expire?

There is not an expiration date on the Doo Gro® products, however we recommend you replace the product after 24 months of use in order to ensure best results from our products.

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