DOO GRO®... Help for Hair that Won't Grow!

How quickly will I see results from using DOO GRO?

Many people see a difference in the quality and texture of their hair in as little as their first or second use of the DOO GRO products. DOO GRO products have been developed to add the necessary nutrients to the hair and scalp to help promote strong healthy growing hair. Hair grows at a rate of about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch per month. With regular use of the DOO GRO products, as your hair grows naturally, you will see increased length occur because the DOO GRO will help eliminate the breakage and damage. Each month you will continue to see your hair becoming longer and longer!

Is DOO GRO safe to use on braided and weaved hair?

ABSOLUTELY! DOO GRO helps to condition your hair as it grows. The DOO GRO Growth Oils, Mega Thick GRO Serum, and Triple Strength Repair & Shine work exceptionally well on braids!

Do I need to use all the DOO GRO items to see results?

While we would be thrilled if you used all of the DOO GRO products, we realize it is important to get comfortable with the products. Here is what we recommend you try to get started with DOO GRO:

1) Shampoo: Your choice of either the Moisturizing Growth Shampoo or Mega Thick Shampoo.

2) Hair Vitalizer: Your choice of one of the 5 different vitalizers. (Triple Strength & Mega Thick are the most popular)

3) Growth Oil or Growth Lotion: Lastly, either one of the Growth Oils or one of the Growth Lotions. We recommend the Hair Vitalizer to be used on the root and scalp, and the Oil or Lotion on your longer hair to help increase tensile strength and prevent breakage.

After you get comfortable using a few of the DOO GRO products, we are confident you will continue to enjoy the entire product line!

Tell me about the 'Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back'.

A: We are confident you will be pleased with the DOO GRO products. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply return the unused portion along with a sales receipt. The guarantee is good up to 90 days from purchase date.

We will gladly issue you a refund for the purchase price of the items returned (one refund per item per household). The guarantee is good up to 90 days from purchase date. Please click on the Money Back Guarantee information link to the left.

Is DOO GRO only for African American Hair?

A: DOO GRO works great on all textures and race of hair. The only recommendation is there are a few items that are more oil nases and work best on African American textured hair and might be a bit greasy on other hair textures. These would be the DOO GRO Hair Vitalizers, DOO GRO Gowth Lotions and to a lesser extent the DOO GRO Growth Oils The shampoos and conditioners and leave ins work great on all hair types including African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian to name a few. The NEW DOO GRO Mega Thick GRO Serum and DOO GRO Triple Strength Repair & Shine are great on on all hair textures!!.

Is DOO GRO safe for children and babies?

A: DOO GRO is great for all ages. Be sure to follow directions and not to skip any steps when applying the DOO GRO Smooth and Straight Relaxer. Also remember DOO GRO Products are not tearless formulas. Be sure to use only as little as needed and make sure to keep out of the little one's eyes!

Of course, if you have any other questions, please email them to