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"One day I was in the store and came across your DOO GRO Mega Thick Hair Vitalizer and decided to give a try. It was the best decision I ever made! Within weeks I noticed my hair thickening and my hair was finally getting some waves!"
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- Eli V. (Feb 2009 winner),

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- Janae L, Buffalo NY

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"I got many of the DOO GRO hair products and I have tried them for about one month now. My hair is no longer breaking! "
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- SPC Istar H. Operation Iraqi Freedom

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- Kita T. , July 2008 winner

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I am so impressed by what DOO GRO can do that I have convinced several of my friends and family members to utilize your products!
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- Mrs B. Bryant, Dallas TX

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My family and I are satisfied customers and will continue to spread the word of this truly God sent product!
- Brandon H, July 2008 winner

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-Courtney, Fresno, CA

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 - Shanina L, Chicago IL
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- Shakila B - Washington DC

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I have been using DOO GRO for six months now and my hair has made a complete turn around.It grew 3.5 inches and it shines like never before.!

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- T. Morley (via email)

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